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Notary Public Klaus Bienmüller

Notaries are independent public officers who organize and execute complicated and significant legal matters through notarizations and the certification of documentation and signatures. They are discreet, impartial advisors who ensure the process is fair and in compliance with the law.

The assistance of a notary public is required – or, at least, strongly recommended – in the following specific matters:

Notary Public Klaus Bienmüller handles all notarial issues, with particular focus on real estate law and corporate law notarizations, where he has almost 20 years of specialist experience as attorney-at-law.

For a notary’s office to be successful, it is essential – beyond drafting the deeds – to conclude the transactions in a speedy and reliable manner. We can ensure this with an experienced team of competent and friendly staff.

Notary Bienmüller also notarizes deeds in English.