Of Counsel in Berlin: Peter Meincke - Meincke Bienmüller Rechtsanwälte

Rechtsanwälte für Architektenrecht, Baurecht, Vergaberecht, VOL/A, VOB/A
Peter Meincke - Of Counsel in Berlin
Of Counsel in Berlin: Peter Meincke

Prof. Dr. Jens Peter Meincke

Of Counsel


Phone +49 (0)30 8870490
Fax +49 (0)30 88704919

Practice Areas


law studies in Basel, Freiburg, Bonn und Hamburg
1963 doctorate award, Hamburg
1972 promotion to professorial status, Hamburg
1967 - 1968 attorney-at-law with the auditors practice Dr. Susat & Partner in Hamburg
1975 - 2001 professorship in Cologne
1982 - 2000 director of INWO – Institute for housing law and housing economics at University of Cologne – which is supported by the non- profit association for housing law and housing economics (Gesellschaft für Wohnungsrecht und Wohnungswirtschaft e. V.)
1991 - 2000 lectures on real estate law at ebs Real Estate Academy (ebs Immobilienakademie) Oestrich-Winkel
1996 - 1997 dean of the faculty of jurisprudence at University of Cologne
1997 - 2001 president of the University of Cologne
since 2006 of counsel with Meincke Bienmüller
More details on spheres of professional activity
in NJW 05, 3053; DStR 05, 1703; ZEV 05, 413


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