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Rechtsanwälte für Architektenrecht, Baurecht, Vergaberecht, VOL/A, VOB/A
Stefan Alexander Doernberg - Lawyer in Berlin
Lawyer in Berlin: Stefan Doernberg

Stefan-Alexander Doernberg



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Practice Areas

Stefan-Alexander Doernberg advises medium-sized real estate companies and institutional investors on real estate law – mainly on all issues related to commercial lease agreements, and real-estate purchase contracts.

He drafts and optimizes your commercial lease agreements and your amendments to tenancy agreements. Furthermore, Stefan-Alexander Doernberg deals with all issues arising you’re your current tenancies – in particular, the enforcement of your claims as a landlord. In addition, he assists you – both as vendor and purchaser - in real estate transactions, and advises you at all phases of project development.

Last but not least, Stefan-Alexander Doernberg is a very successful litigator. He has comprehensive experience in prosecuting and defending claims in court – in particular for payment of dues, and actions for eviction. Besides that, he successfully advises his clients on out-of-court settlements of disputes.

Attorney Doernberg’s passion is the focus on economical issues related to commercial lease agreements – in particular their escalation clauses.


1995 - 1998 civil administration studies at the Fachhochschule des Bundes
(federal college for vocational training)
1998 Diplom-Verwaltungswirt (FH)
(diploma in civil administration management)
1998 - 2004 Senior public officer in the non-technical service
1999 - 2004 law studies in Berlin
2004 - 2006 postgraduate legal training in Berlin
2005 - 2006 in-house training at Meincke Bienmüller
2006 - 2011 Associated lawyer with Meincke Bienmüller
since 2012 partner in Meincke Bienmüller